Join the more than 12 million people who have benefited from this modern alternative to braces.

Woman applying her Invisalign trays

Discreetly Shape Your Smile

Woman applying her Invisalign trays

Invisalign® clear aligners are the most convenient way to straighten teeth for teens and adults. Our Austin, TX cosmetic dentists complete the orthodontic treatment using the most advanced and trusted system on the market. The plastic trays fit comfortably over your teeth to guide them into place without the need for metal braces.

If you have crooked teeth, gapped teeth, crowding, an overbite, or underbite, we may be able to straighten your smile. Get straight teeth that are easier to maintain and instantly boost your confidence with Invisalign® in Austin at Westgate Family Dental.

Why Choose Invisalign®?

Sure, traditional metal braces work but wouldn't you rather enjoy the journey?

Smile of a woman wearing her Invisalign aligners
From start to finish, straightening your teeth with Invisalign® is easy. We use a painless iTero scanner to take digital impressions of your mouth and plan out your treatment using custom-fit aligner trays.
Young woman with curly hair smiling
Invisalign® costs are similar to braces with much more convenience. While the cost of clear aligners depends on each case, your dental insurance may provide coverage. We also offer multiple payment and financing options.
Woman smiling and holding her Invisalign aligner
The innovative orthodontic system uses flexible plastic trays that fit comfortably over your teeth and gums. For mild to moderate malocclusion, they gently guide your teeth into position just as well as metal braces.
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How Invisalign® Treatment Works

These three easy steps with Westgate Family Dental can transform your smile.

A boy with Invisalign smiling

At the first visit, we discuss your goals, perform an exam, and take digital impressions using the iTero scan. Our dentist then creates your teeth straightening plan and shares the smile preview.


Come in to pick up your trays and put them in; we'll check the aligners for comfort and fit. Wear your clear trays according to your plan, switch out as needed, and come in for check-ups and new trays every few weeks.


Straighten your teeth with Invisalign® on your terms. The trays work like braces but are nearly invisible and can be removed for eating, hygiene, and special events. Invisalign® in Austin makes it easy to achieve your dream smile!

We Are Your Invisalign® Providers

Get the best smile alignment therapy around.

Woman applying her Invisalign trays

From misaligned teeth to uneven spacing, our Invisalign® dentist helps you achieve a better smile without the need for uncomfortable metal braces. Our dentist’s investments in ongoing training and in-office technology make teeth straightening more comfortable and predictable than ever.

In addition to the iTero scanner for treatment planning and the ability to preview results, our office works with the most trusted clear aligner system. Millions of smiles and lives have been changed by Invisalign®, and we’ll show you how your dream smile may be within reach at Westgate Family Dental!

Woman applying her Invisalign trays
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